The Sydney Catchment Authority has developed this HSC Biology resource to support learning about how biologists work to ensure clean drinking water for the community to help control disease (HSC Biology Module 9.4.2 - The search for better health).

Picture of girl drinking clean water

Clean drinking water is essential for human health

There are six sections:

  • Safe Drinking Water  covers water quality guidelines, Sydney's water supply, and the global perspective on drinking water quality and health issues
  • Water Quality covers water quality parameters, problems, monitoring, and treatment 
  • Catchments covers the SCA's drinking water catchments and catchment management case studies to reduce pathogenic risks to drinking water
  • Water pathogens covers pathogen sources, public health, and pathogen science research
  • Terms and definitions covers technical terms used in the resource
  • Support for teachers covers teaching and learning suggestions, syllabus links and further resource links.